WHAT we do

Find holes and opportunities in businesses and develop strategies to fill them.   Identified and built a key consumer-facing department for a healthcare startup.

Coordinate multiple teams across an organization to do complicated things on time and on budget.   Worked with a cross-functional team to design and execute a cost-reduction strategy with no budget, a firm timeline and teams on three continents, resulting in a savings of $10M.

Source and clarify consumer needs and provide developers with a clear understanding.   Acted as a key liaison between consumers and developers and helped define product strategy, roadmap, public launch for a health-care startup.

Communicate well with C-suite and senior executives.   Worked daily with executives, presenting information in a way that helped them make informed, strategic and timely decisions.

Pull together and analyze large and lumpy sets of data.   Developed decision-making tools for a large team, sourcing and referencing 50+ resources.

Do uncomfortable and inconvenient things if they are strategically best for the business.   Helped design the strategy for an unpopular directive from margin analysis to presentation to consumer-retention, while establishing strategies, processes and benchmarks for the future. 

Build branding strategies that position companies for success.   Relaunched and managed the online presence of a high-end restaurant, organically growing the audience 12.5X and extending the experience beyond the restaurant. 

Develop integrated marketing campaigns and do thorough post-campaign reporting.   Owned marketing campaigns from conception to QA that set company engagement records.